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Jun Carter
AGE: Jun’s au age is eighteen, but she would normally be twenty three.
YEAR IN SCHOOL/FACULTY POSITION: I would like Jun to be a student, despite her age. She’s never been to school in her life. I’m willing to negotiate her year however the mods would like. (I should mention I am also willing to have Jun be in male or female dorms. Mods choice).
APPEARANCE: Jun is an incredibly short (4’9) Chinese American girl with very long, wavy black hair. Height aside, she’d look fairly normal were it not for her glowing, yellow eyes. While she is half Chinese, Jun is very, very pale, having never seen sunlight prior to her arrival at the institute. Being physically male, Jun does not have any curves to speak of. She does, however, have small breasts thanks to a stuffed bra. She also has two small moles below the corner of her lips (both on the left, one on top of the other).

PERSONALITY: At face value, Jun tends to come off as very shy and sweet. While she’d like to think this is the case, anyone who really knows her knows better. She’s afraid of new things- primarily those she doesn’t understand- but she’s more cocky than anything else. But since nearly everything in the institute is foreign to Jun it’s easy to see how someone might mistake her for shy.

On the subject of cockiness, it should be noted that to anyone who has known Jun for a while this is easily one of her most predominate attributes. But despite what people may think, it doesn’t stem from actual confidence in herself. It’s more of a defense mechanism, if anything. A poor defense mechanism, mind you, as it often gets her in serious trouble, but a defense mechanism all the same. As Jun sees it, if she acts cocky no one will realize how weak and dependent she really is. Of course Jun is too proud to admit that to anyone, even her mother.

Jun’s beliefs can be a little archaic, which is a result of have little exposure to anyone but her mother for most of her life. Jun’s primary goals are to find a man who would be her husband and to have children she would readily devote her life to. This is, in Jun’s mind, the key to true happiness. It was what her mother was taught, at least. Jun’s elder sister has a strongly opposing view of a woman’s value, but that’s one thing that never really rubbed off.

What Jun did get from her sister is the concept of misandry. While it may contradict her supposed need to have a man in her life, Jun is very steadfast in the belief that men are inferior. Men are playthings, and while Jun has yet to properly grasp her method of controlling them, she’s fast-learning. Neither her sister nor her mother will approve of the woman Jun is to become, but that hardly occurs to her. It’s the one bit of power Jun can possibly get, and it’s a rush. That sort of rush become an addiction far too quickly, and Jun will likely learn that the hard way.

Jun isn’t a woman of restraint, certainly. She’s the type to “jump the gun” and likely get hurt doing so. Whether or not she learns from her mistakes is rather unclear. It might take more than a little beating for lessons to click. Jun is more than a little stubborn about, well, everything. What she lacks in true confidence she makes up for in surefire stubbornness. It’s more of a problem then it’s probably worth, but good luck to anyone trying to tell Jun that.

POWERS/ABILITIES: Jun is pyrokinetic, meaning she can control fire with her mind. Usually Jun will channel her abilities through part of her body, resulting in her seeming to form fire in her hands or, in some cases, breathe fire. While her fire is unlimited, it is not incredibly strong. It is, aside from being conjured by Jun’s mind, perfectly normal. Much like a dragon Jun is unable to be burned by fire. There may be some incredible exceptions, but Jun has yet to encounter any. In times of deep distress she may react by “igniting” her body. In reality she is merely cloaking herself in fire. While Jun has years of experience in control her powers, it’s not perfect. When very, very upset or scared Jun will light anything on fire. Not on purpose, of course. It’s just a fear reflex. Most of the time she only ends up igniting one thing, such as a person of a bed. Once Jun has lit a fire she can manipulate its growth and direction, but she cannot stop it. On top of this Jun has a physical mutation in the form of her glowing eyes. They don’t seem to serve a purpose, and despite her lack of pupils she seems to see just fine.

(In most AUs Jun has dragon DNA inside her. I figure that might be a little much for this AU, however, so I am willing to take that out. It won’t affect much either way, as Jun herself is not aware of this and cannot transform into a dragon).

AU HISTORY: Jun was born into a middleclass family in a small, Chinese farming town. While her father was oddly cold toward her and her elder sister Mei, Jun’s life was full of love and happiness. Or at least it was, until Jun’s mother discovered she was pregnant. Jun’s mother wanted an abortion, but for unknown reasons her American husband was strongly- even violently- opposed. At just four years old Jun was uprooted from her peaceful life and dragged to a terrifying new country called “America”. But Jun would never really see her new home.

In China it was easy enough for Jun’s parents to hide their second child’s weird, glowing eyes. Living on a farm had its benefits, after all. But in America they didn’t live on a secluded farm. They lived in a small house not far from Los Angeles, California. In America Jun’s father had been a very wealthy man, and upon returning he was quick to reestablish himself in his family’s company. It was through his family’s connections that Jun’s father was able to cover up Jun’s existence entirely.

She was kept in the basement and never allowed to leave by her father. Jun’s mother compensated however she could with stories and little crafts she taught Jun. And Mei would play with Jun when she wasn’t busy with school. Jun never would attend school herself, but her mother taught her basic reading skills in Chinese and Mei taught her to speak English. This only worked a little, of course. Jun missed China dearly, and now number of explanations could make her understand why she couldn’t even see the sun. It broke Jun, and at the age of six Jun set her first accidental fire. At that point Jun’s family could no longer deny it: Jun was a mutant.

Over the next fourteen years Jun would learn to mostly control her abilities. She’d also discover boys (pictures of them, anyway) and find out that she wasn’t actually a boy. While her father was violent about this, Jun’s mother and sister supported her as much as possible. It was through their efforts that Jun learned to use makeup and wear dresses and skirts. But the real curveball would come when a strange, wheelchair-bound man showed up at their house insisting on speaking with Jun. After a great amount of arguing and denial, Jun’s parents would give in and for the first time allow Jun upstairs. Jun was overwhelmed with new things that day, and next thing she knew she was free.

Jun has only recently started school at the institute, but she’s already stirring up minor trouble. She almost never shows up to class, and when she does she insists on speaking horrible English, if any at all. But despite Jun’s fowl attitude she is much happier at the institute. For once she isn’t the lonely freak, and she can’t get enough of it. Not to mention there’s a lot of men for a sexually-frustrated girl to sink her claws into.



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